Sunday, July 11, 2010

The True Secret Experiment

The True Secret Experiment

When I first began telling you about The Secret, I
intended to tell you which items I wanted to manifest
and then share with you if they came to me and how.
At the time, I had some mixed feeling about items
I wanted so I didn’t fully put myself out there.
Interestingly enough, I did get the one I was most
conflicted about, which was my Netbook. It came to
me for free through a rewards program. Since then, I
have had many small items come to me within a month
or two of “wishing” for them. So, I decided it was time
for the true experiment.

Many writers are looking for the magic ingredient that
will help them sell. After watching the DVD, The Secret, I
became a happier person and found the magic of the universe.
I know that through The Secret I have learned to believe I
deserve good things in life, which an important key to this, and
I have learned to dream bigger. Erin Quinn shared at
a writer’s meeting that after learning about The Secret,
she bought an ad in Romantic Times magazine
for a book she hadn’t sold yet –
she did sell it.

In The Secret, they recommend starting small at first.
My list of what I intend to manifest starts small
and gets bigger. They are all material items so it is easier to
watch how they appear and notice the magic involved.
We’ll see what happens.

My List:

-A Cross Pen (or something better)
-A Large Planter (to transplant Aloe Vera plants to my porch)
-A Food Warmer (for transplanting food to school potlucks)
-A Scanner for my computer
-New Flooring for my condo
-A Reliable Car with Low Gas Mileage

Next Sunday I’ll tell you how I plan to go about
manifesting these items using The Secret.


Karin said...

Make sure your planter has wheels because those aloe plants can really GROW!

Linda Andrews said...

We've replanted out aloe plant twice and we're looking at #3.

Good luck Tina. You deserve good things to happen to you.

Wendy_Ely said...


Thanks for sharing this with us. Do you tell people what you want to manifest or keep your list to yourself until you get the items?

Btw~ It was great seeing you last night!