Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence for the Writer

Independence Day
for the

In the United States we are
celebrating our independence.
Many of us spent the day with friends, talking,
eating, and perhaps drinking. Many writers
did not take the day completely off though.
As you can see, I am writing this blog post.
We are dedicated to our craft, yet we are
also often our own worst enemy.

I got to thinking about the day. We
may be physically free, but we might not
be emotionally free.

Our own negative thoughts often keep
us from achieving our dreams. Some
of us are afraid of success. Some believe
they don't deserve to make the best
seller's list because they have to put
years of sweat into their writing. Some
believe they don't deserve to have a good
life due to childhood traumas
or religious doctrine.
Others may be afraid their friends or
relatives would be jealous and not like
them any longer.

I used to dream small. I didn't believe
I deserved to be successful because of
my childhood and because I was a newbie once.
Then a friend showed me the DVD of
The Secret and it changed my life. Just
following the practice of saying what you
are grateful daily will create a state of
happiness that can be powerful.
Once I was happy, I began to realize I
deserved the same as I would want
for my own child.

Along with watching The Secret, I listened
to books on CD by Wayne Dyer, Jerry and Esther
Hicks, Mike Dooley, Joe Vitale, etc. I learned
I could decide my future. I wrote out what I wanted
to achieve in my life and I tell myself I already
have that lifestyle. For example, you could
say, "I have a successful writing career. Stories
come to me easily and frequently. I write daily."
By doing this, I was able to overcome my
own self doubts and negative talk. I was afraid I
wouldn't get back my thirst for writing after I had
burnt out two years ago, but I am back to writing
daily and I love my story!

I am currently listening to a book on CD called The
Greatest Secret of All by Marc Allen. He suggests
You start your affirmations with “In an easy,
relaxed manner- In a healthy and
positive way...”

After you become grateful for what you have,
feel happy, write and say what you want
your future to look like, visualize it daily.

So...recognize what may be holding you back
and free yourself.

Independence is Yours!

Until Next Week,
Happy Writing,
Tina LaVon

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Judy said...

Great post, Tina, and good for you!