Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"His Personality Ladder" On-Line Class

August 2-27, 2010

"His Personality Ladder"

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

$30 at

This hands-on workshop tracks the hero's arc through the seven core steps he'll need to climb during his journey from a not-yet-heroic character to one who's fully earned his victory by the end. Of course, the other main characters have their OWN ladders to climb, often in parallel stages...until the finale, when the "reader favorites" reach their ultimate triumph. There's even a ladder for the villain, although in most cases he never makes it to the top!
With plenty of discussion and (always optional) homework, you'll discover:
* Why your hero doesn't think he needs to change
* How to force him into starting his journey
* What road blocks he'll run into, depending on his type
* Who the hero will become, halfway up the ladder
* Where to reveal what the readers have been waiting for
* When other characters will make things better...or worse
Laurie Schnebly Campbell ( created the Ladder workshop after people from her Psychology, Fatal Flaws and Enneagram classes requested more information on techniques to build compelling fiction. Her debut class generated so many demands for a longer version that she's introducing this expanded course for WriterU, and looking forward to meeting some great new well as some she's enjoyed before!

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Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Wow, Kim, what a nice surprise to hear that my class was mentioned over here -- thanks for the mention!