Wednesday, July 14, 2010

August Bootcamp for Novelists

Bootcamp for Novelists August On-Line Classes


August 1 - August 28
Pro writers know how to keep each scene simmering with expectation by highlighting external situations and internal conflict to create high drama. This course covers just that topic and you'll never again wonder what to do with that boring but necessary scene.

FEE: $25



August 1 - August 28

Without conflict there is no story. But what is conflict and how does it affect character and plot? It stems from the obstacles to the character's goal and from the consequences of character action. This course will focus on increasing obstacles and consequences until conflict sizzles on every page.

FEE: $25

The most exciting day of your writing life is the day you finish your book. That's soon followed by days of revisions which can be painfully less exciting. Still, the process can be made easier, and it should be rewarding. After all, this is your last chance to polish and shine the baby you worked so hard to bring into the world. This course teaches a series of steps that keep revisions organized and let you avoid reworking the same sections again and again, while coming out with the best book that's in you.

FEE: $25

Bootcamp Fees Go Up Aug 1

The bad news is we have to raise fees to $28/course, not a life-changing amount, but it still adds to the cost. The good news is that we will honor registrations for ALL courses at the old $25 rate until August 1, including the new Spotlights series.

So if you already have your future courses picked out, this is a good time to lock in the old rate. And, if you haven't planned that far ahead, you can get the old rate for next month's course.

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