Thursday, September 2, 2010

Writer U On-line Class Tech Tips

September 6-20
MASTER CLASS: Tech Tips for the Busy Writer: 10 time-saving ideas for non-techies
by Julia Hunter

$55 at

Prerequisite: Must have a computer with internet access

Most of us feel we don't have the time or skill set to learn new technologies. Ironically, there are cool easy-to-use gadgets out there that offer significant time savings and/or huge conveniences. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on consultants or items you don't really need, invest $55 in this course so you can make informed decisions. The research has been done for you, including expert interviews. Just pick from the ideas that best suit your lifestyle, preferences and budget, including:

* Cloud Computing - Always have the most recent document version available
* Managing Accounts & Passwords - Hassle-free gadgets with maximum protection
* Travel Gadgets - Whether you're in a coffee shop or a hotel
* Social Networking on the Go - Shortcuts to maximize time-suckers
* Offline Blogging - A big time-saver for high volume bloggers
* Website Tips - Experts review the sites of several class volunteers
* Writer Software - Packages that can help from research to plotting
* Ultimate Accessibility - Remote into desktop computer, online conferencing and VOIP

Julia Hunter is a pre-published author who travels extensively for her day job and has modified her short cuts and technology research for her writing career. She has compiled them into an online course to share tips and tricks with other busy writers.

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