Thursday, September 23, 2010

October On-Line Class Writer U

October 4-29

"How To Identify & Maximize Your Voice"

by Alicia Rasley

$30 at

This workshop gives you an editor's view of voice, and helps you create one that deepens your story and doesn't alienate editors. Using interactive discussions and exercises, and lectures based on experience, we will work on finding your own voice, and/or your story's voice (the not necessarily the same voice), and refine it so that you impress and do not annoy editors and agents.

Some of the topics covered will be:

* Character or author voice - which is right for your story?

* Discovering the genre of your default voice

* Discovering your own story voice

* The story world-view and voice

* Sentence construction and paragraph design as voice

* Grammar, punctuation, and word choice as aspects of voice

* Impressing the editor vs. annoying the editor

Alicia Rasley is a nationally known workshop leader and the author of The Power of Point of View, released by Writer's Digest Books. Her articles on writing are at and her editing blog is at She teaches writing online and at two state colleges.

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