Thursday, September 30, 2010

October On-Line Class Writer U

October 18-29
MASTER CLASS: "Q Is For Query, A Is For Aaack!"
by Laurie Schnebly Campbell
$55 at

Prerequisite: Must have a project in mind to query

Why is it so hard to write a query letter? Well, because an author's entire career depends on the response!

Okay, maybe not, but that doesn't make the job any easier when a writer -- who routinely creates compelling prose -- is suddenly forced to create a compelling pitch. Chatting with the editor or agent for two hours in person might be simpler, but since that isn't always possible, it's important to have a sales tool which covers the same material in just 250 words. Find out how to craft a query letter for ANY set of circumstances:

* Approaching an editor/agent who judged your entry in a contest

* Pitching someone you met at a conference way back when

* Meeting 'em (by plan or accident) at a recent conference

* Picking someone at random (and why that's a last resort)

* Switching from non-fiction to fiction writing, or vice versa

* Capitalizing on a recent success with this (or any other) manuscript

Laurie Schnebly Campbell recognizes that most writers aren't the naturally outgoing type, which means their query letter has to work even harder. In this hands-on workshop (which includes full critiques for writers willing to share their work), she brings 25 years of advertising experience to the task of identifying what makes people want to buy a product -- any product -- and how to convince them YOURS is the one they want.

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Kim, what a nice surprise to see this here -- thanks for spreading the word!