Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Sorry I haven’t sent out news in a while, but I’ve been following Mom in her travels and she’s been busy. I told you about that Malice Domestic gig in D.C., right, and all the book signings she did after that? And just last week she was in D.C. again for the big RWA conference, so she’s beat.

In between all that, Mom and Dad adopted Sasha, a smallish Bichon Frise. The four-year-old pooch came from a puppy mill (grrr...bad puppy mill) and lived in a wire crate her entire life until Robin of Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue in ....Virginia Beach.., ..VA..... brought her home. JoAnne, her foster mom, was an angel, and took care of her for weeks while Mom toured. She and Dad brought Sasha home to live with Buckley and Belle on May 15, and it’s been fun the whole time.

I know Mom still misses me, because I catch her cryin’ every once in a while when she’s lookin’ at my picture, but she has Sasha now, and that little cotton ball with legs has helped Mom pass the time without me. When Sasha came to our house she couldn’t jump (her rear leg muscles never developed because she lived in a crate) she didn’t bark, and she didn’t realize all ‘business’ should be done outside on the grass.

Well, guess what? She now watches TV and barks at all the animals on Animal Planet, she jumps on the sofa, chairs, and Mom and Dad’s bed, and she’s getting the hang of going potty outside.

Here’s more news. Mom’s announcing a new CONTEST on her website Check it out and learn how you can win a spot as a character in her future books.

I’m off to play with Teddi, a cute little guy who just joined me here in Doggie Heaven a week or so back. He’s missing his Mom, so I’m helpin’ him along.

Until next time,

The Rudster

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Tina LaVon said...

How touching. Going to make me cry.