Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Neurotic Writer Dates a Computer Geek

Welcome to another episode of
The Neurotic Writer
(Just for laughs)

Suzie Writer: “I met a man… He’s different. He says he can introduce me to a world I’ve never seen before. A world with a secret language that only he can interpret for me.”

Therapist: “Is he a Trekkie?”

Suzie Writer: “No. He’s…a computer geek. (She glances around as if making sure no one else can hear.) He wants to play with my…my…my blog.”

Therapist: (Leans closer.) “Your blog? What’s a―”

Suzie Writer: “It’s the very core of who I am as a woman. I’ve never let a man see the inner workings of my blog. It’s too…up close and personal. It would make me feel…”

Therapist: “Vulnerable?” (Now on the edge of her seat.)

Suzie Writer: “Yes. But he says he’ll walk me through it step by step. He says he can enhance my exposure. He says he can bring me repeat viewers.”

Therapist: “What? Do you really want repeat viewers? You already do a lot of ‘research’ for your books. I thought this guy was different.”

Suzie Writer: “He is. But he’s so brilliant. I’m afraid. What if he knows things about my blog that I don’t know? What am I talking about? Of course, he knows things I don’t know. That’s what’s bothering me. I’ve always had the power in a relationship. Can I hand it over to a complete stranger? A man who will make me feel insignificant? A man who will turn my world upside down?”

Therapist: “Wait a minute.” (Therapist Googles Blog and reads Wikipedia, then sits back down.) “Let’s start this conversation all over again. If the man can enhance your blog, I say let him touch it as much as he wants.”

Next week, The Neurotic Writer will get her Twitter tweaked.
Until then,
Happpy Writing!
Tina LaVon


Mary Marvella said...

Hmmm, sounds like a match made in.....?

Tina LaVon said...

You're a riot, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Egads. Let him touch the blog;) Heck, have him dump Susie and let's invite him over here.

Tina LaVon said...

I'm with you. If he can enhance our blog, he can come touch it all he wants. LOL

Donna Hatch said...

I'd love a man who could enhance my blog. In fact, I'd love to find a marketing genius who can blog, twitter, facebook, myspace etc etc for me so I can stick to writing!