Thursday, July 30, 2009

BOOTCAMP for Novelists Online August Class

BOOTCAMP for Novelists Online August Class

We want to announce that we'll now offer four courses each month. Because the first four courses of each learning track (Basic and Polish) are so important, we've decided to offer them each term.

The Basic Track will feature the Four Pillars of Story Structure, which includes characterization, plot, scene structure and conflict.

The Polish Track will feature the Techniques of the Pros, which includes the first three chapters, advanced characterization, escalating consequences and subplots and layers.

The regularly scheduled fall courses will still be offered along with the foundational courses..August 2 to August 29

5B SCENE & STRUCTURE (Basic Track) taught by Connie $22

Action rules, introspection is dead. Not entirely true, but every author must learn how to write action and bring events to life on the page. The goal is to generate mental pictures in readers' minds so they can feel the story, live the story. This course deals with how that's doneFor more information, contact Connie at

5P INFUSING STORIES WITH EMOTION(Polish Track) taught by Linda Style. $22

Learning how to infuse your story with emotion is one of the most important techniques, yet most writers don't even think about it until they realize something is missing in their stories. As writers we must not only know how to build emotion in our stories and characters, but how to engage the reader emotionally. In this class you'll learn techniques to do both.For more information, contact Linda at

1B CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (Basic Track) taught by Connie $25

This course is the first pillar of story structure and it deals with populating your book with living breathing people who will stay alive throughout the story. You'll also learn why character equals plots and plot equals character.For more information, contact Connie at

1P THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS(Polish Track) Taught by Linda Style $25

Writing powerful first chapters is the first technique of the proses. This course covers how to structure the vital first three chapters to set up your story and instill emotion and suspense. A must do course for anyone hoping to get published.For more information, contact Linda at

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