Thursday, April 9, 2009

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I’d like to thank the devoted readers of my first adventure for giving HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT a great debut month. The book was #8 on the Barnes & Noble mystery list and #26 on the Borders/Waldenbooks list of ALL books sold. Not too shabby for a who-done-it from a first time mystery writer.

Of course, Judi doesn’t consider herself a mystery writer in the true sense of the word. She claims she’s writing about characters who just happen to find themselves in the middle of a mystery. Her goal is to make our readers fall so in love with Sam and Ellie, and ME, that they’ll keep coming back for more… and more…and more.

I tried to tell her the series would be a hit, but did she listen? Nooo-ooo. And now that I’m in doggie heaven, all I can do is channel my positive thoughts and hope that they get through to her. Which brings me to another point.

Have you been watching American Idol? What the heck is going on with the girls this year? The red-head is a ditz, the blondes can’t sing, and Lil? Well, she runs hot or cold. It’s the guys who can sing, but I’m having a hard time deciding who I like best. Danny, or Kris, or that weird guy, Adam, with the
nail polish and eyeliner. I’m gonna keep my eye on all of them and report back to you as they get knocked out each week.

Oh, and one more thing. Judi will be on the road signing HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT in a couple of cities around the country. She’ll be in ..Charlotte.., ..NC.., the first weekend in April, then ..Dallas.. two weeks after that, then ....Orlando.., ..FL.... at the big Romantic Times convention. Stop in and say hello if you’re in the area.

And don’t forget to send her your lawyer jokes (for me) and any ideas you have for plots, especially the ones that will make ME the star. And if you think of a small misfortune to befall the demonic dick, Sam Ryder, let her know. Ellie is head over heels about him, but I’m not so sure he’s the right man for my girl. I know Judi is going to put his toes to the fire in the next book, HEIR OF THE DOG, but he manages to worm his way back into her heart. The putz.

So long for now, and fell free to comment on any or all of this blog. It’s a bitch to write, so you all better be reading it.


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