Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boot Camp For Novelists Online Workshop-April

4/5 to 5/2

(Connie Flynn)

Most novelists figure dialogue is the easy part of writing. After all, we know how to talk, don't we? But flat dialogue can be worse than flat narrative. In WRITING ENGAGING DIALOGUE we'll learn, among other things, how dialogue moves the story, how to keep characters from all sounding alike, how to move smoothly from dialogue to narrative, and how to make ordinary dialogue jump off the page. Topics include:

* Using dialogue to move the plot
* How he thinks is how he speaks
* Techniques for making dialogue snap
* Getting narrative in edgewise

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(Linda Style)

Rejection proof your manuscript by creating memorable characters that stay with readers long after they've closed the last page. This is what every author strives to do, but of all the novels out there, very few actually succeed in the way we'd like them to. Creating memorable characters isn't simply a matter of giving your hero and heroine interesting traits that make them unique, or giving them flaws that make them human. That's only the beginning. There's so much more to it, and that's what you'll learn in DEEPENING CHARACTER. You'll learn how to find your character's "vital force," the art of "transformation" and how it works with his character arc. Learn what you can do to make your characters memorable and your manuscript rejection proof.

* Vital Force
* Character Arc
* Values/beliefs
* Dynamic Conflict

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FEE: $22/course
Check us out and enroll on our website. Again, the start date is April 5.

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