Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boot Camp For Novelists Online Workshop-May

Boot Camp For Novelists MAY COURSES
5/3 to 5/31


The very best story seamlessly intertwine plot events with character decision until readers can't tell where one begins and the other ends. Sound almost impossible to do? Well, that's what Plot will introduce. How to find the boxes to put your character's dreams and how to place the successes and obstacles to get the most drama from your story. You'll explore the four act structure, learn about the eight major plot points, and discover how you as a storyteller can fill in the spots between them.

Many of you have developed extraordinary characters and nows the change to give them a story that brings out the very best and worst in them, that forces them to grow. Don't have characters? No worry. We'll invent some and you can start completely fresh, which is often the best way to travel through this education.

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A well crafted story lures the reader from paragraph to paragraph, page to page and chapter to chapter. To do that, writers have to be part craftsman and part psychoanalyst, figuring out the best ways to draw the reader in and keep him turning pages. How do we do that? We do it by combining a number of techniques, the most important of which is escalating consequences. Without escalating consequences, the reader will quickly lose interest.

Escalating Consequences examines the structure of escalating consequences to increase the intensity of both action and emotion in your story. From first sentence to paragraph, scene, sequence, dramatic act and story, whether you're writing a heartwarming tale or a nail-biting thriller, you'll want to learn the four techniques to escalate consequences in your stories and keep your reader flipping those pages. In this class we'll study:

* Escalation of action
* Escalation of emotion
* Where to start: High to low or low to high? (It's not what you think)
* Escalation from sentences to scene, dramatic act to story

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FEE: $22/course Click here for enrollment information

Check us out and enroll on our website. Again, the start date is May 3.

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