Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Hey, everybody, D-day (delivery day) is here. According to Amazon, HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT was available on March 3. I’m really excited that my first mystery is out. I know Mom is a nervous wreck, hoping the book sells big so Best Friends gets lots of cash.

Speaking of Best Friends, she was told by their CEO yesterday that they’re building a state-of-the-art puppy shelter and it should be up in April. Can you imagine, an entire building just for baby furballs, where they get to socialize, make friends, and learn basic commands like sit, stay, wait, and heel. How great is that!?

So, you all know your job. Got to Amazon or your local Borders, Waldenbooks, B&N, Books a Million, whatever is best for you, and buy HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT.

Gotta tell you,book two will be out in October, and Mom and I think it’s even better than book one. I inherit a boatload of moola and a bad guy is out to get it. Ellie puts me in a couple of dangerous situations, but I manage to fight my way out of them and, don’t tell her this, but I save the day…er…sort of. You’ll meet some new characters, too, like Bobbi and Bitsy, who are too funny. And those bean eaters show up, Too. idiot Chihuahuas are too stupid to live. I don’t know how Ellie can stand them. I sure can’t.

Mom’s in the middle of writing book three, and she’s still running a contest, so check out her website, to find out how to enter.

And she’s doing a bunch of signings for HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT in the next couple months, so take a look at her travel schedule too.

Oops, I’m being called, so I have to run. Doggie heaven’s not so bad. All the treats a canine could want, belly rubs all around, and plenty of pals to play with. I’m up for it.

Talk to you all in a few weeks.

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Natalie Acres said...

Congratulations, Rudy! I'm headed over to Amazon now to check you out.

Natalie Acres