Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Thought I would share this email I rec'd for any of you who might be interested in participating. Barbara is a wonderful person and a huge promoter of the romance genre.
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Hi Everyone,

Well, believe it or not, my 2nd anniversary is coming up. Some of you may remember last year's party where I ended up with 745 comments on the blog and over 100 author/publishers offered giveaways. (last year's anniversary post http://www.publishersweekly.com/blog/880000288/post/210023021.html)

This year I plan on having a week long celebration, March 9-14 and I need your help. I've divided the days into genres and encourage you to get involved and have fun with this. You can do it as individuals or groups but I need people to decorate, bring food and supply the entertainment. (It's only pretend, so it won't cost you anything). Let you imaginations run wild. (Today's blog: http://www.publishersweekly.com/blog/880000288/post/280041028.html)

You can send me snippets to include in the blog like: "I made the ham roll-ups with the pickles in the middle" or "The flaming baton twirlers was my idea and I'm really sorry about the small curtain fire" or "I really thought indoor fireworks were safe." Just send me your name (or group name) and what you'd like me to add to the blog for you (don't forget to include your website so I can link it to your name). Support your genre and make your day extra special. If you'd like to give something away, just let me know what specifically it is. You will be responsible for shipping it.Also, let me know what day you are interested in being on (you can be on more than one day). On Saturday I plan on doing a Romance Special so feel free to send me your ideas for that. Please pass this on to all your loops and let's show everyone who really rocks in publishing!

All my thanks,
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