Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tia Dani's First Blog of the New Year

Welcome 2012.

We are off to a good start. Breathless Press has offered us a contract to re-release our short story, Seduction to the Altar, previously published with Sapphire Blue Publishing. We are looking forward to seeing this story available again. Once we hear when it will be released we'll be letting everyone know.

With the New Year come new goals, new aspirations, and new heights to reach. This year we didn’t bother with the usual, lose 10 pounds (tried this, gained 10 instead), exercise on a regular basis (lasted about a week), and organize our house (this is a great resolution, but we never follow through with it). Instead we reviewed our goals for the coming year and thought about what we, as team writers, need to focus on to make us better authors. Also, our goals are not going to be set in stone. We’ve found that if we’re too strict we’re only setting ourselves up for failure (see above resolutions).

Our lives tend to be much too complicated to not expect change. However, we have learned to roll with the flow, so to speak. Still, we need to stay focused and have a plan. Just like for our stories we need a guideline to follow, but still be ready for the unexpected twist.

So, this year we will…

Improve our craft.

Follow a regular writing schedule.

Finish what we start before moving on to a different project.

And, last but not least, publish two full length novels.

These are entirely doable goals for us, but keep your fingers crossed because we slide backwards easily.

We will leave you now with our writing tip for the day. Remember you only have a few pages to grab your reader. A friend of ours told us that she only reads the first page and if by that one page she isn’t sucked into the story she puts the book down and moves on. Don’t let the book tossed aside be yours. Make your story begin with an attention grabbing opening. Once you have your reader hooked, then you can set up the rest of your story.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012!

Tia Dani

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new sale! May you have many more this year!