Sunday, January 15, 2012

Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

As some of you may know, my New Year's resolution was to improve my life. My biggest goal is to get more organized. I need to make the most use of my time since I teach during the day and write during evenings. Every second counts.

Like most people, I put like sized items together in the medicine cabinet. Not much thought went into it, other than groaning over cleaning it. I was organizing the top bathroom drawer when I found a safety pin and realized I didn't have just one spot where I would look for safety pins. I decided to place them in plain sight on the bottom shelf in the medicine cabinet. Then it dawned on me that I really should keep a nail file and clippers in their too. These are simple items I usually have to hunt for, or go to the spare room to retrieve, while getting ready for work. Now they are within arms reach when I snag a nail or I need to pin clothing down or together.

I also started putting my medications into those days of the week containers. Not only does it save time opening and closing bottles, but now I know if I took them that day.

Although these are simple fixes, they do save me those wasted seconds or minutes that add up quickly. If you have an organizing idea, I hope you'll share it with us.

I'll have more organizing hints for the bathroom next Sunday.


Connie Flynn said...

Tina, Your simple organizing tips are very helpful. I'm always seeking ways to be more organized and lately have noticed how many items I have with no specific home. You've just given me insight into how to organize them (oops,there's that word again :-). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Another insightful post. Guess I should start putting some of these tips to good use. :)

Tina LaVon McCright said...

Thanks ladies. Have a great week!