Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organizing Goes Green

Those of you who following the blog know I am determined to save time by organizing my life. I would love to go out and buy brand new organizing systems and hire people to install them, but it isn't in my budget. And although I did buy a few baskets at a thrift store, I realized it would be simpler and cheaper to use ordinary items at home to organize those items which were cluttering my bathroom drawers.

I purchase inexpensive razors in bulk. The problem is they fall out of the bag once opened. I also own too many coffee cups. I helped solve both problems by placing the razors in a souveneir cup. Now when I grab for a razor from the bottom drawer, I notice the coffee cup it is resting in and remember the exciting whale watching adventure my brother, Bob, and his wife, Beth, took me on one summer.

I was about to throw out a not-so-gently used Christmas gift bag when it dawned on me that I could cut off the top and use it to hold hair clips. Both organizers are now stashed away in the bottom drawer in my bathroom where they are easily located when needed.

If you have any creative organizing ideas, we would be interesting in reading about them.

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blackroze37 AT said...

we been doing the same thing here. but geez it seems like more stuff just *arrives* and wondering where to stuff it then
i been thinking about getting 1 of those, space bag, to put blanket and stuff in, but i just dont see it just like what they say
i too use glass and cups to hold items, i got the free barcadi mug and i put my reading glass in it next to bed also with pen, bookmarker
those big plastic glass at the dollar tree , and put in , the crystal light packs in the kitchen, and other little packs

Kim Watters said...

Great ideas. I have way too many coffee cups, too. Now I know what to do with them. And usnig gift bag bottoms. Priceless. Thanks. I'm trying to get organized myself. Trouble is, things keep piling up before I can get everything organized, which makes the job harder. I need three day weekends. Thanks for sharing Tina.

Tina LaVon McCright said...

Black Roze, I hadn't thought of putting reading glasse in the coffee cup. Great idea!

Kim, I need 3 day weekends too. And I know waht you both mean by more stuff arriving, or piling up. I just put out items for charity this morning.

Chrisbails said...

I use gift bags to put stuff in. I use coffee cups for my pens or the kids pencils. I also use the plastic containers from cakes to put the kids crayons in. The boxes always rip and sometime crayons get broke. I have about 3 boxes in these old cake containers. I also use the small gift bags for mine and my daughters hair accessories. I also use an old kleenex box to put the plastic bags from grocery stores. I can pull them out and reuse for the small trash cans in my house. I also use the coffee cup for my razors and also have one with combs in it.
Can't wait to check back for other ideas.
Thanks for the chance to win. Love sharing ideas. Even though my husband thinks they are silly. I told him I could go to the store and buy the containers and then he decided that I was not silly.