Sunday, January 1, 2012

Inexpensive Organizing

Like most of you, I made New Year's Resolutions. I WILL finish two books this year. Also, I plan to eat healthier and organize my life. You can probably tell by the picture, this post is not about eating healthier.

For the most part, I do have an organizing system. My motto is "Everything has a place and it will eventually get back there." I plan to do a better job of getting it "back there" this year. My husband and I both make piles of clutter and then when it gets on our nerves, we clean it. Clutter will interfere with your ability to think clearly and creatively so it is best to try to avoid it as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, I am no neat freak and don't plan to become one. I just know that with working a full time job and writing in the evenings, there is little time to clean so it is better to have a plan that will help free up more time.

I decided to start with my purse. The bottom was filled with old receipts, candy, and pens. The zipper compartments were a mess of miscellaneous items that were no longer usable because the wrappers had opened or come off. The purse needed a good cleaning. First, the handle was fraying, but instead of buying a new purse, I found an old favorite and transferred items while I cleaned. Saving money is always a good plan.

The three items in the left picture, closest to the text, were ideas I had already put into place. I keep my keys on a hook and I started putting those keychain cards on a separate hook. I placed a keyring around one handle of my purse and I attach both my keys and the keychain cards onto that ring and then drop them into the purse in case the hook ever breaks. (right picture) I always know where my keys are. You might also notice I keep a flash drive in a holder attached the purse as well. This is where I keep a copy of the manuscript I'm working on.

The white purse looking item in the left picture is an old makeup brush holder. I got tired of the wrappers of femine products ripping open in the zipper compartments of my purse. This case is hard and keeps them secure. The black makeup purse was used to protect my large sunglasses, but now I use it to store small items like antacids, lipstick, medications, etc. When I need something I can pull it out of my purse and easily search inside.

The address book is also where I list birthdays and more imporantly our car license numbers and the size of my air filters for the air conditioner. That info is now always at my fingertips whenever needed.

The Equal container was an idea I came up with this weekend. While cleaning my purse, I found Tic Tac mints. This was the perfect container to hold my sugar substitutes. The first few times I removed the lid I needed to pry it open with the end of a pen, but by the fourth time it could be tugged open easily. I also used Goo Gone to clean off the label. Now I know exactly where my Equal or Splenda is at all times. No more searching.

And now, after removing the cards I rarely use from my wallet, my purse weighs less than ten pounds. I think...

If you have any organizing ideas, please feel free to share them with us.


LilMissMolly said...

I started to carry a wallet instead of a purse. I keep most of the extras in my car, like lotion and all those darn cards in my glove compartment.

Tina LaVon McCright said...

That is a great idea.
I did try the wallet but ended back to the purse when I kept forgetting cards I needed. I like the idea of leaving them in the car and for stuff I know I would do by myself I will. Some things have to be in my purse though because my husband and I do a lot together and he often drives his truck.

Anonymous said...

Good post Tina. I plan on being more organized myself this year. This first thing I need to tackle is my filing, which since my move, hasn't been done in a year. Then I plan on straightening out the piles in my garage-also a carry over from teh move. And ten of course, I need to instill this into my two offspring as well. :)