Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Neurotic Writer and Creative Tax Writing

The Neurotic Writer and Creative Tax Writing

(The Neurotic Writer is a comic strip for writers.)

Therapist: "Would you mind putting down your notebook

so you can talk?"

Suzie Writer: “Can't. I'm behind on my taxes. I don't know

why people hate them so much; there are so many loopholes."

Therapist: “Oh? Like what?"

Suzie Writer: “I can claim all of my writing expenses.

I wrote about a heroine on a cruise so I could claim my entire trip.

Next year I am going on safari."

Therapist: “You'll probably want to get an accountant to

make sure all of your claims are legit."

Suzie Writer: “Everything is legit as long as I don't get audited

and even then I can cry my way through it."

Therapist: “It might be more difficult than that."

Suzie Writer: “I doubt it. Oh! I can't forget my new

bedroom set. I wrote about it in great detail so I can claim it."

Therapist: “Now that I am sure you can't claim.

At least not the full amount.”

Suzie Writer: “Sure I can. I even started my own charity

so I can donate funds to myself and claim the deduction."

Therapist: “Suzie, you really need professional tax assistance."

Suzie Writer: “Don't worry, Doc. I know what I'm doing."

Therapist: “Just do me one favor. When you're doing time,

don't mention my name to the prison psychiatrist."

Suzie Writer: “Anyone ever tell you its not attractive to

frown so much? You should get some of that anti-aging cream.

I wear it every day.”

Therapist: “Let me guess. You wrote about it so you can claim it on your taxes."

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