Thursday, April 7, 2011

From Plot to Finish On-Line Class

April 18-29, 2011
MASTER CLASS: "From Plot to Finish"
by Laurie Schnebly Campbell
$55 at

Prerequisite: Must have completed Laurie's "Plotting Via Motivation" workshop.

A continuation of the Plotting-Via-Motivation process, this limited-enrollment group gets every member plotting a brand new book (with the PVM worksheets already on hand) from start to finish. No need to prepare a story idea, character bios or anything else, because you'll learn how to plot an entire book -- and actually have it ready to type -- by the end of this hands-on workshop. The two-week session will include:

* Defining the motivation of each main character
* Recapping your original 14-point worksheet
* Completing the new Plot Chart from beginning to end
* Distributing the highlight scenes through each segment
* Choosing an outline or a free-flowing format
* Setting up your book's unique structure for completion

Laurie always finishes a Plotting Via Motivation class wishing for the chance to see what happens to the wonderful stories begun there -- and wondering how long it'll take to see the finished books for sale. So she's excited about speeding the process along, and getting to watch while the plots and characters take on their full shape.

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