Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Neurotic Writer's Valentine's Breakout Novel

The Neurotic Writer’s Valentine's Breakout Novel

Therapist: “I see you are smiling again. What’s changed since Wednesday? When we last met you were upset over not having a significant other on Valentine’s Day.”

Suzie Writer: “There’s nothing like hard work to overcome your troubles. I have finally come up with my breakout novel; the story that is going to catapult me into stardom!”

Therapist: “Oh?”

Suzie Writer: “Picture this, Doc…our hero and heroine fall in love on a cruise, but they can’t be together just yet because they are engaged to other people. They agree to break off their other relationships and meet at the top of the Empire State Building if they both still love one another. Only…get this…she is hit by a car on the way and loses the use of her legs. She doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her─”

Therapist: “Wait a minute. That’s An Affair to Remember with
Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.”

Suzie Writer: “I told you other writers were stealing my stuff!”

Therapist: “That story is older than you.”

Suzie Writer: “Hmmm. Did I tell you the hero and heroine are blue? They live on an alien planet. I’ll pitch it as Avatar meets An Affair to Remember. It will make me famous I tell you!” (Jumps up and heads toward the door) “Reese Witherspoon can star in the film version. I wonder what she will look like with blue braids and a fuchsia-colored thong.”

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