Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Step back in time, meet my little dogs, explore the Cinderella complex, and an author interview here!

My blog tour is winding down, and I must say that I will miss all of the wonderful interaction I've had with readers! Writing is sometimes a singular experience and it's been an amazing adventure to travel the blogosphere and meet such amazing people. Even if they only stop in to say hi, I'm always thrilled to respond to them.

The purpose of guest blogging is to get your name/book in front of readers, of course, and so I was asked to write about my upcoming release, MY UNFAIR LADY. But after a few posts I realized I was just sort of rambling on about the book. Nothing wrong with that, but I was getting bored. So I decided that I could at least present my topics in a different way...and I had such fun! And hopefully, my readers did as well.

I only have a few stops left, and I'm listing them here. If you'd like to read some of my past blog posts, feel free to go to my personal blog where the entire tour is listed: http://www.kathrynekennedy.blogspot.com

12/8 Interview with Summer Wine Lee, where I step back in time to interview my heroine.
My Book Addiction and More http://www.mybookaddictionandmore.wordpress.com/

12/9 My Chihuahuas: two of the sweetest little inspirations for a character in My Unfair Lady.
Books Like Breathing http://bibliophile23.wordpress.com/

12/10 My inspiration for My Unfair Lady, or, exploring the Cinderella complex.
Anna's Book Blog http://annavivian.blogspot.com/

12/30 Author Interview!
Much Cheaper Than Therapy http://muchcheaperthantherapy.blogspot.com/

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