Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Secret - Getting Out of Your Own Way

I believe the hardest part of living a life based on the principles of The Secret (Power of Positive Thinking) is getting out of your own way. Most of us want a life better than what we have but we have limiting beliefs that keep us from obtaining those things we want.
Throughout my journey, I have come across numerous hurdles:

I was afraid to think big. Partly because there are so many unknowns with obtaining those big dreams. You hear about people losing everything after winning the lottery. Also, I think deep down I didn’t feel like I deserved to receive anything big because I always lived a simple life where I worked hard for everything I got. Life had never been easy for me. I have noticed that throughout this journey my dreams got a little bigger about every six months.

Mike Dooley, a speaker in The Secret, says you need to stop worrying about the “dreaded hows.” This was one of my biggest challenges. Because I worked hard for everything I got, I felt like I needed to know how my dream would come. It has only been in the past few months that I have begun to let this go. But even now, I have a list of six different possible ways money can come to me. At least I’m not counting on any one particular way. My goal is to trust the Universe/God will bring me what I’ve asked for and not even think about the hows because there are so many possibilities I haven’t even considered.

Limiting negative thoughts creep into your mind. At times, I’ve noticed I’ll tell myself, “If I get a black convertible it might be too hot in the summer or someone might slit the roof while its parked at the school where I teach.” “If I had a lot of money people might resent me.” “If I become a New York Times writer, I’ll have deadlines and a lot of pressure to increase sales.” These negative thoughts get in the way of the Universe’s ability to give you what you want, according to The Secret. I continuously remind myself that I deserve what I want and that I can handle what comes my way. Plus, if I don’t like the dream I receive I can ask for a new one.

In 2010, I plan to continue to work to get beyond my negative thoughts. I hope you will too.

Until next week,
Happy Writing!
Tina LaVon


mulligangirl said...

Great post, Tina. I can relate to the thoughts about the 'how'. I'm a project planner in my 'day job' and there's a reason for that. It fits my personality perfectly. Believing something great is coming without breaking out the steps needed to get to it is a major leap of faith for me. But that's what it's all about, isn't it? Here's sending positive waves your way. :)

Tina LaVon said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts.

Setting aside the hows is a big one for me, but I am getting better.