Thursday, February 26, 2009

Make Time For Rudy

So, what do you all think of the photo? That’s me, in the center of the picture. Sister Belle is on the left and bro’ Buckley is on the right. We’re not really related of course, because Mom adopted us separately, but we’re as close as the real thing. Or, should I say, we were as close as the real thing. Because I’m not alive anymore. I passed to the big doghouse in the sky on January 19.

Hey, hey, hey! No cryin’! Mom’s done enough of that for all of us. I’m right here by her side whenever she writes, giving her mental suggestions and telling those lawyer jokes just like I did when I was alive. I even sneak out of doggie heaven at night sometimes and curl up next to her exactly the way I used to do. Time will pass and she’ll stop missing me so bad, as soon as she understands that I’m with her in spirit now and forever.

So it’s up to all of you to make her feel better about losing me. You have to buy that first book because her royalties from HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT—-that’s right, every freakin’ dime she earns—-is going to be donated to Best Friends in Kanab, Utah. And it’s the greatest place for a dog, cat, bird, horse, goat, or reptile to be. They take in all animals and rehab them for adoption or let them live rent free for the rest of their lives. Can’t argue with that now, can you?

HEIR OF THE DOG comes out in October, and it’s a doozy, even better than the first book, because in it I inherit enough moola to buy a couple million Dingo bones. As usual, Ellie’s going to donate all the cash to animal charities, but I don’t care. She gives her Rudy all the treats he needs.

So be a stand-up fan and buy each of her releases. She’s been writing a long time, and she’s a great story teller. She’s spent months learnin’ different ways to kill humans, and it’s been rough for her ‘cause she’s a wimp. Doesn’t believe in violence, just sees the good in everyone she meets, exactly like Ellie does.

In fact, Ellie is just like Mom, only she’s about twenty years younger, but don’t tell Mom I said that because she doesn’t want anyone to know how old she is or how much she weighs. Yeah, yeah, I know. Like Sam the doofus detective says, “Women. Go figure.”

Well, I gotta sign off now. Mom’s in Phoenix at the Chocolate Affair, so I’m going upstairs for some canine R&R. They’ve got some pretty hot bitches…er…lady dogs up here, and I’ve got a lot of time to play with ‘em all.

I’ll be back at ya’ in a couple of weeks.

And Rudy's Mom-Judi McCoy

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Tina LaVon said...

I am so sorry about Rudy, but glad he is keeping close.

It was so nice of you to donate your royalties to help other pets. I plan to buy both books.