Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boot Camp For Novelists Online Workshop

Boot Camp For Novelists Online presents:
A step by step online program for writing your novel

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel, but didn't quite know where to start? Have you started a novel and found you couldn't get beyond the first three chapters...or finished one but it keeps getting rejected? Are you an experienced writer and want to take your writing to the next level?

If so, we at BOOTCAMP for Novelists can help you. Between us, we have over twenty years experience teaching novel writing and have written over twenty-five novels. How did we do it? Step by step, that's how a book is written.

BOOTCAMP for Novelists Online is a step by step program that will take you from the beginning of your novel to the end.

If you're a beginner, you'll start with the BASICS (Level I). If you've been writing a while, start with the POLISH (Level II). Beginners will want to polish a basic skill before mastering the next skill and experienced writers may want to jump into a basic program to beef up a weak skill. Either way, if you follow our step by step program and do the work, you'll have the tools to write your novel and get it published.

The online courses will be delivered through Yahoo Groups by email in four week modules and are very reasonably priced.

Basic Novel Structure
A two week $10 Course beginning February 15, 2009

Regular Classes, $22 each, begin March 1, 2009.

To register or for more info on classes and instructors go to:

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