Saturday, October 27, 2007

What Type of Monster Would You Like To Be?

Okay, Halloween is fast approaching and witches, werewolves and things that go bump in the night are about to hit everyone's neighborhood. Since I write paranormal romance among other things, I started thinking of what type of monster I would like to be. A witch? Maybe, if I don't have to have a big wart on the end of my nose. After all, I might be able to change a frog into a prince.

Or would I prefer being a werewolf and howl at the moon? No. I don't think so. All that shaving would be too time consuming.

No I think I'd like to be a shape shifter. Just think of all those conversations I could overhear as a fly on the wall (yes, I know that's a cliche). Talk about reading fodder. As a shapshifter, I can be a cat and cuddle up to the neighbor across the street that I have this absolutely huge crush over. If it gets too cold, I can fly south for the winter. I can think of sooooo many possibilities.

What about you? What type of monster would you like to be?


Tia Dani said...

I went to a Halloween party last night at Kayla Janz's house. I went as a ghost-writer. (get it?) Anyway, I asked my dh if he wanted to go along. He went as the invisible man. Tee hee. I guess you know who I really went with, friend and critique buddy, Isabella. This was the first Halloween party I had been to in years other than kid's parties. We had a blast. I won the prize for the scariest costume. A pair of fur-covered handcuffs! Isabella decided she needed a picture of me wearing them. Great idea, until they jammed and wouldn't come off. Panic for several minutes till Kayla discovered a safety latch and got them off of me. Could you see me calling home, "Honey, I'll be late. I'm handcuffed with Isabella to the bar." Fun times.

Dani/Tia Dani

Anonymous said...

I guess I'd like to be a witch. Like Glinda the Good Witch, not her sister. That way I could wave my magic wand and all my work would be done so I could write all day.