Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Story Gift

I've heard of it happening to other writers, but until last year, it had never happened to me. What am I talking about?  The Story Gift.

Just like the surprise package your mom sends just to cheer you up, the Story Gift comes without warning.  One day your slogging through pages, trying to meet a deadline, convinced you're a hack who is never going to find success (let alone find an cohesive ending for current WIP) when BAM!  There it is.  A complete, fleshed out idea.  Better than that, it had dimensions and characters and theme ingrained in its concept.

When my delivery came, I was in the midst of meltdown.  Literally, figuratively, and mentally.  I'd just turned in Haunting Desire which I'd finished late.  Because I had back to back contracts, that meant my next book was already late as well and I was afraid I'd never get caught up.  I did not have time for any new ideas, fleshed out or otherwise.  I had to write the book I'd committed to write.

But there it was, all shiny and new and complete.  I told myself I'd just jot down the notes so I didn't forget but then, within days--DAYS--I had a finished synopsis, a series proposal and the first 50 pages written.  I had to tear myself away from it to get back to Haunting Embrace.

I finished my contracted back (only a little bit late despite my delayed start) and finished up a few other projects I had on the fire, and still my Gift waited, unopened.  Almost a year has passed since it was delivered, but a few weeks ago I finally pulled out those 50 pages and synopsis and looked at it.  A part of me was afraid that absence had made me remember it as much better than it actually was.

The reverse was true.  And, turns out, it's a gift that keeps on giving.  The pages are flying out of me and I can't wait for my writing time when I get to work on it.

All this has made me wonder.  Have you ever had a Story Gift?  I'd love to hear about it.


Modokker said...

I don't think i have Erin but this is incredible! Glad it was there still there in the memory banks for you. Bring it on out to play now. lol

Lisa B

Erin Quinn said...

LOL. You're funny, Lisa! I'm glad it was there, too. I worried about that since it had been so long between start and continuation. But I guess it was the gift that keeps on giving, ha ha.

Wall-to-wall books said...

That was a great story in itself Erin!
I am so glad this happened to you!
I still need to read you Series! But I am always excited to see what new book you put out!