Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Day Late and a Dollar Short…Well, Maybe a Half Dollar Short

Yes, our blog deadline was yesterday, however, there is a reason why we are a day late.

Glendale Arizona’s Annual Chocolate Affaire.

For three years Tia Dani has co-chaired our writing group’s booksigning booth. We’ve been getting ready for it for an entire year.

And now the Chocolate Affaire has arrived.

We have 46 authors signing their books throughout the weekend. Workshops on How-to Write are scheduled and set to go.

Typically it takes a lot of planning to get an event this large to flow correctly. Not to mention expecting things to change as the year goes by, say a planned event crashing because of an unexpected illness. Okay… we’ll adjust… no problem we can do something else. We’ve got time.

However it’s the unexpected happenings the week of the event which really throws a huge wrench into carefully made plans. Not to mention upsetting the City who is hosting the event.

Not good.

Yep, it happened to us this year…our featured “big-named” author pulled out two days before the event…after the City of Glendale invested time and money in printing and advertising the author’s attendance. Not to mention we scheduled much of our workshop events around that said author.

Do you know how difficult it is to find a new “big-named” speaker at such short notice? IMPOSSIBLE.

Especially when you are a non-profit group with a limited budget.

How this weekend will eventually play out is anybody’s guess.

And why the Half-dollar comment?

One thing for certain, there isn’t any rain or cold, cold weather forecasted for this weekend. Plus Tia Dani , as always, will do her best to represent our authors , and the wonderful city of Glendale, with grace and respect.

Not to mention…despite all our carefully laid plans have shattered around our feet, Tia Dani has experienced a few perks for co-chairing the event. This morning we were privileged enough to be interviewed by a local TV station, ABC, Channel 15, who supports the Chocolate Affaire

AND… we get to be judges at the Event’s “Best Chocolate Entry Contest” on Friday night…something that is not only fun to do but we get to taste some of the best chocolate desserts known to man…er…romance authors.

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