Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mighty Christmas Tree Quiz

Every year about this time, millions of Americans put up a Christmas tree. But how much do we really know about the Christmas tree? I've done a bit of research and come up with 10 questions that I didn't know. See how well you do. And try not to peek at the answers, Santa's watch.

1.) Evergreens symbolize life after death.

a. True b. False

2.) The fir tree became associated with Christianity in Germany when this saint came across some pagans worshipping an oak tree. This saint felled the oak and a fir tree sprang up from its root. Who was the Saint?

a. Bernard b. Benedict c. Boniface d. Bartholomew

3.) The first evergreens were brought into the house by

a. The 3 wisemen b. The Egyptians c. The Celtic d. The Norsemen

4.) These group of people are widely credited with bringing the Christmas tree to America.

a. The Puritans b. The Irish c. The Hessians d. The English

5.) The Puritans embraced Christmas.

a. True b. False

6.) The first US President to place a Christmas tree in the white house was...

a. George Washington b. Andrew Jackson c. Franklin Pierce d. Abraham Lincoln

7.) The first Christmas Tree appeared in a church in...

a. 1781 b. 1812 c. 1825 d. 1851

8.) The first Christmas trees were sold commercially in what city?

a. Cleveland, Ohio b. Philladelphia, PA c. New York, NY d. Washington, DC

9.) The first artificial Christmas tree was developed in this country during the 19th Century.

a. Ireland b. Canada c. United States d. Germany

10.) In 2011, the tallest Christmas tree will be located in..

a. Anthem, Arizona b. Washington, DC c. Rockefeller Plaze, NY, NY
d. Mall of America, Minnesota

1-a. 2-c St. Boniface 3. b, the Egyptians brought in palms inside during the winter solstice. 4. c-Being Germanic, the Hessian are said to have had a Christmas tree during the Revolutionary War. Their Christmastime celebration gave General Washington a major victory. 5. b--the Puritans banned Christmas. 6. Franklin Pierce in 1856. 7. d Pastor Schwan of Ohio is credited with it. He was threatened with bodily harm and his congregation condemned the Pagan practice. 8. c--Mark Carr drove 2 wagons full of trees to New York in 1851. He sold out. Commercial Christmas trees were began during the depression. 9. d-Germany developed them using dyed goose feathers. 10. a--Anthem, Arizona--110 feet


Kim Watters said...

Okay, I'm game:
1) B 2) C 3)C 4)B 5)B 6) D 7) A
8) C 9)D 10)A

Okay, I got 5 right. Great fun, Linda. Thanks for posting.

Linda Andrews said...

Hey you did better than I did. I didn't know any of it until I researched it.

catslady said...

I got 5 too lol.