Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tia Dani‘s Writing Marathon

This has been another interesting week for Tia Dani. We started a new short story for a particular publisher and hoped to have it finished in a week. However, as usual, we got ourselves distracted and will be lucky if we get the first chapter finished during our set time frame.

We planned to start writing on Friday, but we had the annual Halloween party thrown by our friend and fellow romance writer, Kayla Janz, on Saturday night. So Friday required us to roam the mall deciding what costume we should wear.

First day of writing lost.

Saturday morning sent us running back to the mall for more costume ideas. Then the rest of the day required our attention for getting our costumes just right. We must admit we ended up pleased with our choice of outfits and we think we looked pretty darn good.

Didn’t get any writing done, but the party was fun.

Moving on to Sunday. We’re tired from all the partying we did last night. However, we managed to get the outline started for our workshop November 19th at the Scottsdale Library.

Sunday ended as not a total loss.

Monday we finished up notes for the team writing workshop and pulled the pages we’d started for the new story. Tried to get our heads into writing mode and fortunately we had lots of Halloween candy to help. Around 6:00 P.M. we were interrupted by the Trick or Treat kids. Shut computer down and headed off to give out candy. Ended up at a neighbor’s block party.

Writing zone lost.

Tuesday was much more productive. Discovered we needed better character charts on our hero and heroine. We selected their names, which is one of the hardest things for us to do. We want to have the names flow off our tongue easily. Since this is a historical romance, we finally settled on Abigail Turner and Jonah MacKenzie.

Now we’re on a roll.

First chapter done. It’s quite rough, but we’re happy with the way it’s progressing. Remembered we had a board meeting to attend with our local writing chapter, Valley of the Sun RWA. It was a productive meeting and afterward went with some of the girls for drinks. Got home late and were too tired to write. But, not too tired to play around on Facebook.

Tia discovered she has a stalker.

Wednesday started slow. Somehow we lost all track of time and got a late start on our manuscript. We had just got into the story when we realized it was lunch time. No worries, we’d get right back to our book after we eat. It was a good plan until Tia’s daughter called needing her to come home and baby-sit.

Only writing we managed to finish was this blog.

Better luck next marathon.

Don’t forget Tia Dani is giving a workshop on “Team Writing”, Saturday, November 19th. We’ll be answering any questions you might have about writing with a partner. Come meet us. It’s free.

Saturday, November 19, 2011
- 10 am to 4:30 pm
Civic Center Library - Downstairs
3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd - Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Connie Flynn said...

Quite the busy week you two have had. I'm looking forward to your workshop.

Carol Webb said...

That is too funny! At least you had some FUN. :)

Tia Dani said...

Hi Connie and Carol. Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog. Especially since we worked so hard writing it. LOL. See you both soon.

Anonymous said...

You gals look marvelous. Sorry to hear about your writing day. Unfortunately, that happens more often than not. Hopefully next week will be better. At least you had fun!!!! See you soon.

Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

What a great picture! Heck, how often do you get to dress up for such a fun event? That's worth skipping a day of writing. :)

And I wish I were going to be in town 11/19; it'd be fun to catch your workshop!

Laurie, hoping the stalker isn't anything serious

Tia Dani said...

Thanks, Kim.
Hi Laurie! Sorry you'll miss our workshop, but I bet you'll be off somewhere having FUN.
Stalker is on the other side of the world and we "unfriended" him, so no worries.

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

So sorry I missed the party this year, girls. You both looked lovely! Now, get back to work. ;}