Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Colors

Fall. The crisp autumn air. The ringing of school bells. The thorns on the cacti turning colors.



I live in Phoenix. There's a picture that I have in my head that doesn't jive with the one outside my window, nor with my notions of what fall really means. I've experienced fall once. New England fall where the trees blaze in the color of fire but there's no smoke, only the vibrant oranges, reds and yellow. That was in 1998. I carry that fall in my heart along with every photograph and image I've ever seen of the way Autumn is supposed to be.

I've grafted it on my memories of growing up in the Valley of the Sun. And even as I walk across the park with brown grass crunching underfoot, squashed olives dotting the sidewalk like freckles, and branches decked in greenery, I imagine fall. The thought filled my head like glitter-twinkling, sparkling and fleeting.

So this last week, I kidnapped my husband and drove up where fall resides in Arizona--in the canyons of Sedona. Alas, the place was packed with others who had the same quest. Eventually, we did stop to shiver and take in the views. Then we went out to lunch and warmed up.

The fall I've created in my head requires far fewer layers. And my husband screams when I put my cold hands on his belly. So it's quieter too.


Connie Flynn said...

Linda, I know what you mean. I've lived here all my life and still yearn for fall colors.

Anonymous said...

Living in CT, one gets to enjoy the change in seasons gradually ....Fall is the grandest display of trees getting ready for a long winter sleep. Eventhough this year's weather has been rather unpredictable, fall is not disappointing. The best fall color for this season is a burnt red captured on hedges and colorful maples. Wish I could share a photo but it's rainy and gloomy.

Kim Watters said...

Having grown up back East and in teh Mid West, I have to say I miss the fall colors. But not the cold that comes with them. :)

Linda Andrews said...

As much as I love the dessert I wish we'd be the array of colors others have. That fall was spent in Ludlow Massachusetts. I took a couple leaves home and stuck them in my photo album.