Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet Editor Emily Rodmell of Love Inspired Books

Good morning. My name is Emily Rodmell. I’m the associate editor at all three of the Love Inspired lines. Thanks to Kim for inviting me here today to share with you about an opportunity for historical romance writers. One of the lines that I work on is Love Inspired Historical. It’s an inspirational historical romance line that publishes books of 70-75K words in every time period and setting up to World War II. We added historical romance to the Love Inspired offerings in 2008, and it’s been so successful that this year we expanded from two books a month to four.

That’s great news for readers, but it’s also great news for writers. Because we’re actively looking for new and exciting voices to add to the line.

In the past few years, we’ve given countless debut writers their shot and welcomed numerous other established writers looking for a new or additional outlet for their work. If you love writing about times past, I encourage you to give Love Inspired Historical a try. If you’re new to inspirational, the first thing I would recommend is reading the books that we currently publish in order to get a feel for the tone of the line. Here are some recommendations of debut authors that we recently published:

Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams

The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst

The Aristocrat’s Lady by Mary Moore

Unlawfully Wedded Bride by Noelle Marchand

The Doctor’s Mission by Debbie Kaufman

If you have a book you’d like to submit to Love Inspired Historical, check out our guidelines here: . Then send a query and synopsis (unpublished authors) or a proposal (published authors) to me at 233 Broadway, Ste. 1001 New York, NY 10279. I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Emily. Thanks for stopping by today. If you had one tidbit of advice or information for writers, on how to catch your attention, what would it be? Enjoy your day today.

Melinda said...

Thank you Emily for the advice on submitting. My dream as a writer, is to become an author with Love Inspired.

So I am going to work on my manuscript and submit it to you.

Have a great day!


Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

It's wonderful to meet you, Emily! And thank you for visiting our blog with such exciting news for writers. I love Kim's books, so I know it's a wonderful line!

Emily Rodmell said...

Thanks for having me ladies. My best advice to aspiring LIH writers would be to read the line to see what caught our eye and what we're currently publishing. I hope you all give it a try.


Sherri Shackelford said...

I really enjoy the variety of settings and time periods LIH allows.

Connie Flynn said...

I'm pleased to see historical romances returning to the marketplace. They offer such a rich minefield of conflicts and end up being fascinating stories.

Thanks for spending time with us, Emily.

Donna Cooper said...

Thanks to Emily for sharing with us! I love historical novels by this line!