Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have You Seen My Muse?

It seems every time we meet and chat with new readers, the subject of storylines always comes up. We get questions like: “How do you get your ideas?”, and “Do you ever get writer’s block?”

The answer is everywhere, and maybe.

We always have ideas. With the two of us, we can take a small idea and turn it into a full blown storyline over breakfast. And as for the writer’s block, that’s just when we’re too tired to think. There are too many interesting characters running around in this universe to worry. With our active imaginations usually working overtime, writer’s block isn’t something we are concerned about. However, finding the time to write our stories, that’s what’s difficult for us.

We’ve read a lot of helpful articles on writers block lately and they all give great advice on how to get your creative juices flowing. We’re sure you’ve read many of them yourself.

We thought you might like to hear some of our own tips for dealing with the attack of the dreaded writer’s block or how to come up with a new storyline.

Be an avid people watcher. We certainly are. One our favorite things to do while out and about, say lunching at our favorite restaurant, is to observe those around us. We see a couple across the room and decide to create an entire story about them. Out comes a notebook. Did they meet online and this is their first in-person date? Or, are they superheroes plotting how to save the world?

How about the great looking guy you noticed in line at the supermarket or Starbuck’s, have you ever considered him as the hero (or villain) in your next story.

The ‘what if’s’ are endless. And, fun. Here we are brainstorming with our friends.

If you’re still stuck, take a break and watch some TV. Watching television is a great way to get inspired. Daytime TV has taken a hit recently with all the soaps that have been canceled and replaced with more talk shows. Come on. Really? How many self help shows do we need? Wait, before we get all the comments about the stupid soaps, let us remind you, General Hospital’s Luke and Laura were household names and their GH marriage made the front of Newsweek.

But, if daytime TV isn’t for you then take a look at nighttime TV. Boy, there are some great ones coming this fall. Talk about cliff hangers and upping the stakes. Bones, where Temperance told Booth she’s pregnant? And, Castle? Oh, goodness, Montgomery involved in a cover up? Will Kate live? Of course she will since the show wasn’t canceled, but did she hear what Castle told her as she lay dying in his arms?

Some of our favorites for inspiration are, The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, and Memphis Beat, and of course, Hawaii Five-O. The list goes on and on. Tia even draws some of her quirky characters or story twists from Midsomer Murders.

Hawaii Five-O Cast

Alex O'Loughlin.

Dani see him as her next hot hero. Tia sees Alex as a villian.

And the movies??? The wealth of ideas continues to be endless.

Still have writer’s block? Here’s another tip. Before you start working on your current project, relax, take a deep breath and think about all your wants and desires. Then take another deep breath, and after you exhaled slowly, say aloud, “I release all my wants and desires; all I need comes to me exactly when I need it.”

The story will come, trust us.

If not, there’s always chocolate and martinis.

Live your dream passionately.

Have a wonderful Week.


LilMissMolly said...

Chocolate cures all ailments, that's for sure!

Tia Dani said...

Seems to work for us. Especially if it's a chocolate martini. LOL

Vijaya Schartz said...

Girls, you are too funny. I'd love to be a little mouse during your "brainstorming" sessions. I bet it's hot.

Tia Dani said...

Vijaya, you are always welcome to hang out with us.