Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tuesday night I won a basket. Inside was a stamp that said BELIEVE. Saturday, I sat at a table at the gym, waiting for my husband, and noticed a sign similar to the one above. Twice in one week... I don't believe in coincidences, so I quickly decided this was a message and recognized it was one I needed.

Too often we hold ourselves back from obtaining what we want. We say we want to be rich, but then we worry if it would cause complications. Would we lose friends due to jealousy or would family members get upset if we didn't shower them with gifts. These thoughts will block us from becoming rich.

How does this pertain to our writing? We say we want the big contract with the big publisher, but are we afraid of deadlines? Are we worried our loved ones will be upset if we have to spend more time writing? Will we lose the free time we had to enjoy casual lunches with friends? Will we be able to put everything away long enough to take a wonderful vacation?

If we are worried about what will come if we get the big contract, then we will block it from coming. After being introduced to The Law of Attraction and The Power of Positive Thinking, I have witnessed a pattern in my life. In order to receive what I think I want, I need to picture it from all angles, be certain it is what I want, believe it will come, and then work towards that end. I invite you to try this approach and see what happens.

Until next week,

happy writing!

Tina LaVon

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