Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Writer U August On-Line Course

August 1-26, 2011
Writing Your Synopsis "Mad Men" Style
by Laurie Schnebly Campbell
$30 at

What do successful students say about this advertising-style workshop? American Title winner Marie-Claude Bourque: "That synopsis I me into the 8 finalists!" NYT bestseller Allison Brennan: "Laurie's classes are fabulous. I'm still not an expert at the synopsis, but I'm head and shoulders better than I was." Brand new Harlequin author Patty Hall: "It taught me a great deal more than I thought I could learn." Four-sales-in-a-row Sally Clements: "This approach has given me all the tools I need to go back and whip my older, non-selling synopses for previous works into shape." Tools include...

* Why synopses are like ads (and what makes them work)

* Choosing your target market/s (and how to reach them)

* Getting to know your product from the buyer's perspective

* Communicating your unique selling points (like all great ads do)

* Brainstorming, strategizing, nuts & bolts, and the big DON'Ts
* Homework assignments (always optional) to exercise your new skills

Laurie Schnebly Campbell credits her day job in advertising with making it easy to write every synopsis she's ever done, but it wasn't until friends commented on her ability that she realized not everyone HAS a Madison Avenue background. So she put together the copywriting techniques that make people want to buy whatever new product they read about, and shows how to use 'em during this hands-on workshop (followed by a master class in October).

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