Friday, July 29, 2011

Once Upon A Cowboy by Pamela Tracy

Good morning everyone. I'm on my way to Chicago and unable to watch the blog today so I thought I'd leave you with a treat. Pam is a dear friend and her book released a few days ago. She gave me an advanced copy and I must say, it's awesome. So here's a tidbit to whet your appetites. See you back to our regularly programmed schedule next week with Kimberly Lang.


A bull-riding injury has sent Joel McCreedy crashing—literally—into his tiny Iowa hometown. But the last thing the prodigal son wants is to stay. On top of a bruised head and ego, he has relationships to mend and a reputation to clear. And then there’s lovely Beth Armstrong, his nephews’ teacher, who’s willing to give them all lessons in family and forgiveness. But Joel isn’t the dutiful “family first” man Beth deserves. Or is he? Suddenly, instead of wrangling bulls he’s helping with homework. And instead of craving his next win, he’s determined to be Beth’s once-in-a-lifetime love.

ONCE UPON A COWBOY (4) by Pamela Tracy: Cowboy Joel McCreedy returns home after an eight-year absence and receives a cold welcome. He’s rescued from a minor accident by Beth Armstrong, who had a crush on him in high school. When Joel discovers his reception is because he’s suspected of stealing money the night he left, he’s determined to prove his innocence. If this helps win him Beth’s love, it would be a gift he’s not sure he can keep, especially after he discovers who the real thief is. A delightful romance about misapprehensions, jumping to conclusions, and love that, when not guided by God, can lead to sad consequences.

Reviewed By: Susan Mobley


Connie Flynn said...

Congratulations on your new release, Pam. Joel is a hero to write home about.

Na said...

This sounds like a lovely story. I like homecoming stories and it's even sweeter that a woman who has crushed on him from afar has a chance to capture his heart. I would love a true life story like that. Congratulations on its release.

PamelaTracy said...

Kim, thanks so much for having me today.

Connie, crit partner extraordinaire, thanks for reading Joel before he was worth reading.

Na, I hope you get a love story like that.