Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Top Seven Wickedly Romantic Elements in THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER

Number Seven:
The world of THE ELVEN LORDS is wickedly romantic in and of itself. An alternate eighteenth century England twisted by the magic that the elven lords have introduced, it’s ripe for darkly delicious tales of enchantment and adventure.

Number Six:
My half-elven hero, Dominic Raikes, may have a tender heart, but he has learned to hide it with a fa├žade of coldness as a result of the world he was born in to. As a general of the army and a champion of the elven war games, he is domineering, authoritative and oh-so-wickedly alluring to the woman that can see past these traits to the true man beneath.

Number Five:
My heroine, Lady Cassandra Bridges, has enough elven blood to allow her the gift of dance. She has an arsenal of spellbinding moves, included those of seduction…and death.

Number Four:
Mor'ded, one of the seven elven lords and the Imperial Lord of Firehame, is ethereally beautiful. Although he looks around thirty, he’s actually hundreds of years old and bored by so many years of living. Boredom makes him very dangerous. And the power to relieve that boredom in any way he chooses makes him very, very wicked.

Number Three:
There’s something about Ador, the black dragon-steed of the elven lord, which makes him a bit wicked, despite the odd sort of friendship he gives to Dominic. Perhaps it’s his mysterious motives. Or his connection to the scepter. Or that he plays a game with the lives of the English people just as dangerous as the one the elven lords play.

Number Two:
The fantasy elements in this world: A ring in the shape of a rose that reflects Lady Cassandra’s feelings. Magical black fire that burns only in the mind, and all the more dangerous for that. An elven garden that sings with the wind. A cloak of dreams. A slave who can weave sunlight.

And the Number One wickedly romantic element in THE FIRE LORD’S LOVER is:

Dominic’s seductive gift of magical fire. When you’ve read the book, you’ll have to let me know if you agree.


catslady said...

Well, you know I agree!!! And I'm sure anyone that reads it will too!

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

I always love to hear from you, catslady! You make my day great. :}