Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Neurotic Writer Sees No Evil

The Neurotic Writer Sees No Evil
(The Neurotic Writer is a comic strip for writers)

Suzie Writer: (Enters the therapist's office with hands
stretched out to feel her way)
"Good morning, Doc."

Therapist: (Jaw open, silently watching)

Suzie Writer: "You there, Doc?"
(Opens and shuts one eye quickly)

Therapist: "Let me guess. You're writing about a blind
heroine and want to experience the world
as she would in order to portray her accurately."

Suzie Writer: "You finally understand me! Ouch!
When did you move the chair?"

Therapist: "I didn't."

Suzie Writer: (Eases onto overstuffed cushion)
"Finally! Being blind is tough."

Therapist: "Imagine what its like for people who can't cheat.
How long have you been immersed in your role?"

Suzie Writer: "What time is it?"

Therapist: "Five minutes after two."

Suzie Writer: "Five minutes."

Therapist: "How are you planning to get home?"

Suzie Writer: "The usual way; in a car."

Therapist: "I hope you aren't planning to drive blind."

Suzie Writer: "Of course not. On the way home I'm
going to immerse myself in the role of
the heroine's sister."

Therapist: "Oh?"

Suzie Writer: "She's deaf."

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