Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Gal Can Dream.....

Kim Watters here. The other day I had the honor of attending a book talk and signing of my son’s favorite author, Rick Riordan. In case you haven’t heard of him, maybe Percy Jackson rings a bell? Of course if you don’t have kids, maybe you haven’t heard of the man who drew 1100 people for this event. Yes folks, that’s 1100 and that’s only the lucky ones that got in, many more were turned away.

The bookstore and Rick handled the signing very well. Books were given out when we checked in (my son got the book and I bought an extra ticket to get in) and everyone pretty much started reading them immediately, my son included. After Rick did his talk and read an excerpt, it was time for the book signing. People were grouped by letters in the alphabet and were called up one at a time. The rest of us in the audience were treated to cartoons while we waited. As a parent of a very impatient child, that was a very much appreciated so I didn’t have to listen to “Is it our turn yet?”

When our turn finally came we were met by several store employees as we got to the front of the line. The first checked our tickets to make sure no one snuck ahead, the second put the book flap in the right place, and the third wrote my son’s name on a sticky note so Rick would spell it right.
Finally at the front, another employee sat next to Rick and took the books and opened them so Rick could sign. Since each person could get a book signed, I carried one of Rick’s other books for my son, so that meant he signed 1100 books plus whatever stock the book store had left over. The whole time I kept thinking that Rick had to be getting writer’s cramp, but he still had a smile for everyone in line and even asked my son if he had any questions. What a guy. He made my son’s day.

As an author myself, I hope that I leave my readers with that kind good feeling when they walk away from my table with my latest book in their hands. Even if I have 1100 people there. A gal can dream, can’t she?


Estella said...

How awesome for your son to meet a favorite author.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Estella. He's still grinning from ear to ear and talking about it. His friends are envious:)