Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bootcamp for Novelists November On-Line Classes


Two classes with award winning author Linda Style

What do bestselling novels have in common? All are stories with emotional
impact. Creating a story that will move readers emotionally is one of the
most important techniques a writer can learn.and yet, many writers don't
even think about it until they realize something is missing in their story.
In this class you'll learn not only how to infuse your stories with emotion,
but also how to keep the reader engaged from the very first page to the
last. Concepts and techniques in this class include:

· Engaging the reader

· The emotional journey

· Necessary elements

· Natural vs Forced emotions

· Affective Memory

· Emotion in dialogue

· Narrative & internal monologue

· The Crucible

· Emotion in action

· Emotional checklist

Course fee: $28


Variations in Structure

Whether using a mini-sequel within an action scene, or inserting a flashback
to convey emotion, it's important to know how and when to use such
techniques. Using variations incorrectly can take a reader out of the story,
disrupt the pacing and kill emotion. Experienced writers know when and how
to vary structure to make their stories stronger. In this class, students
will learn the intricacies of writing scene and sequel using variations from
the structural norm that experienced writers use all the time.and you'll get
hands on experience to learn how to use them.

* Review of basic scene and sequel structure

* The five major variations in structure

* 11 specialized techniques

* Motivation reaction units

* Increasing drama

* Adding suspense

* Common errors

Course fee $28

Your Instructor for both classes: .

LINDA STYLE always dreamed of becoming a novelist, but being practical, she
earned degrees in behavioral science and in journalism and, over the years,
she's written articles for newspapers and magazines, worked as a management
consultant, a magazine editor, and was the Director of the Arizona Office of
Grievance and Appeals for the Seriously Mentally Ill. But the dream of being
a novelist persisted and after a few years of writing novels in her spare
time. five books and four RWA Golden Heart nominations later. Linda's last
GH entry was purchased by Harlequin Superromance. Her first book was out in
2000, and now, 13 novels later, Linda's award-winning books are sold
worldwide and translated in a dozen languages. Winner of the prestigious
Daphne du Maurier Award, Linda says she has the best job in the world. "I
get to make up stories and someone pays me to do it. It's my childhood
dream come true."

What students are saying about Linda's classes:

"Another great workshop!!! I just wanted to thank you for all your time and
patience for this growing writer. You are a great instructor and I learn so
much from your lessons, assignments and feedback."

"The lessons were excellent, and I will definitely put them to good use. I
think I'm signed up for a couple more classes, and I am looking forward to
them! The classes I've taken here have been among the best, and I've taken a
TON of courses over the years."

"You are a very good teacher, and for me, you zero in on all the most
important strengths and weaknesses. Can I enroll now?"

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