Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clutter Update

Last weekend I shared how writing outdoors is my preference, but not practical in the Arizona heat. Yes, it is still over 100 degrees in Phoenix.

I also shared how my daughter's former room is becoming my office/guest bedroom but it is full of clutter. Every time I've asked her to come over and sort through it, she's put it off.

Last weekend, I multi-tasked by judging a contest and shredding documents at the same time. This weekend, I continued to work on getting rid of the clutter in that room.

After spending two years asking my daughter to go through the clothing in her closet, an idea came to me. I was going to take them to her and dump them on her couch, but decided to make one last effort to handle this without drama. I took pictures of two shirts at a time and sent them to her via text message with the note, "Keep or get rid of." To my pleasant surprise she answered "Get rid of." I repeated this many times throughout the day. After sending pics of over two dozen items, the total is Keep - 3 and Get rid of - 23. We still have two feet of closet and 5 drawers to go through, but we made a big dent and I feel the pressure on my nerves releasing.
This means more productivity for me and my writing.

Don't leave things undone. All of those items pile up on your conscious or subconscious and make it more difficult to feel creative. So mend those broken items, or get rid of them. File that pile of paperwork. Shred old documents. And get rid of the clutter. You'll feel so much better.

Until next week,
Happy Writing!
Tina LaVon


Anonymous said...

Can you come over and go through my stuff when you're done? How true though that wehn you clean your surroundings, you can clear your mind, too. I ned to try that sometime. Another wonderful post Tina. Thanks.

Tina LaVon said...

Thank you!