Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've just recently posted this to my website, and thought I would share it here. I enjoy doing book videos. It's a way for me to put my creativity into something visual, and although it's hard to find eighteenth century pictures, it's even harder to find those combining the fantasy element. So I took a bit of each, and alternated them for the video.

I think I should call this a teaser, because unlike most of my videos, it does not go into the detail of the plot, because I had to intro the series as well. But I wanted it short, as close to sixty seconds as I could get, but with enough information to provide a good idea of the book. So for a quick break into fantasy, here is The Fire Lord's Lover:

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Donna Del Grosso said...

Nice Video, Kathryne!
Very enticing and ... Captivating! Makes me want to go get the book right this minute!