Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adding Romantic Touches

Adding Romantic Touches

When writing romance novels, it is sometimes difficult to come up with those moments between the hero and heroine which show (not tell) how much they love one another. Roses and a trail of petals leading to two glasses of wine on the side of a bubble bath is an example of the big romantic gesture. I have to admit it had a big impact on me recently. But the simple gestures we can add show a man’s love just as much. For example, the hero can make a pot of coffee for her in the mornings even though he doesn’t drink coffee. He can bring her a glass of lemonade or soda while he’s up. Of course, women know helping with the dishes and taking out the trash without being asked is always appreciated. This past weekend, the man in my life put shelves up in my garage because he was afraid I might fall on the boxes stacked in there. That touched my heart. When the hero looks out for the heroine, the reader will want her to end up with that man. So the next time you want to show what a wonderful man your hero is, don’t forget the small gestures as well as the big ones.

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Nikole Hahn said...

Or little notes left by him taped to the bathroom mirror....