Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with Adelle Laudan

I’d like to welcome our guest today, Adelle Laudan. It’s a pleasure having you come visit us at Much Cheaper Than Therapy, where chocolate is plentiful and advice is free. So grab some chocolate and a lounge chair. Your therapy session has begun.

Thanks for having me. Did someone say free chocolate? When can I move in? (certainly! How about tomorrow.)

I understand you have a new release out called Iron Horse Rider Series Can you tell us a little bit about your fabulous new series?

I’d love to. Iron Horse Rider Series is about a guy named Shane and his healing journey after his wife of ten years is killed in a motorcycle accident. Heartbroken, he flees to the mountains in Nova Scotia.

In the mountains, he happens upon a native Micmac camp, and this is where the story really begins. Shane is introduced to many new things on his journey; Micmac Indians and their ways, ghosts, belly dancers, fire breathers, and the possibility of loving again.

All through the three books he is faced with many confrontations with his adversary, Raven. Raven is one of the Micmac who is a cold and callous man, and very threatened by Shane’s presence.

Iron Horse Rider is a very interesting title. How did you arrive at that name?

Native Americans used the term ‘Iron Horse’ first. Their mode of transportation at the time was a horse. So when they first set eyes on a motorcycle, they called it an Iron Horse.

What made you decide to write in this genre?

It comes from the old saying amongst writers to ‘write what you know’. I’ve lived the biker lifestyle since leaving home at the tender age of 15. Like my Grandpa once said in reference to my taste in men, many moons ago. “If he isn’t wearing Harley Davidson underwear, she’s not interested.” lol

Are you a plotter or a pantser and how did it affect the writing of this book?

Up until I wrote this series, I was definitely a pantser. When I was approached to write the first book I was asked to write a chapter outline before I started writing. This in itself was a challenge, and definitely a learning experience. Since I was asked to write this book within a certain time frame, I signed up for NaNoWriMo- and rose to the challenge of completing 50,000 words in one month.

Did you have to do a lot of research for the book? What are your favorite research books or sites?

I did a ton of research for this series. I tend to get caught up in my research for anything I write, often to the extent of forcing myself to stop and get writing. Google search is my best friend, as are travel sites.

Where did you get your idea for this particular book?

Actually, I was approached out of the blue by a Publisher and asked if I’d be interested in writing something that would fall under the genre of Biker Fiction. I jumped at the opportunity!

Which character did you like writing about the most, and why?

Shane. I love writing from the male POV. Its fun to get in their heads to figure out how they feel, how they’d react to situations, etc Shane is an old school biker who is a truly genuine guy, no pretenses, no facades. I like those characteristics in people.

Tell us about how you develop your characters. Do you create character sheets, do interviews, that sort of thing? How does your research affect your character development?

I usually have a pretty good sense of who my characters are and how they look before I start. Quite often I fashion my characters from people I know. In some cases they might share certain qualities from several people. My characters evolve as my story progresses.

Do you have any authors that inspired you?

I’d have to say, all of them. As a kid I had very strict guidelines as to what I could read. When I discovered the library, I found a little piece of heaven where I could sit for hours and read anything I wanted to. If I found an author I liked, I started at the first book in their section and kept going until I read the last.

What do you feel is the most effective promotion you have done for your book?

For this series I think being involved in ‘biker events’ and doing book signings at different charity events.

What do we have to look forward next?

Good question. I’ve worked nonstop at getting Iron Horse Rider 3 ready for print. So, I think I’ll write a couple of shorter stories for ebooks. I have a few projects started for longer books, but I’m not sure which way I want to go next. I guess you’ll just have to visit my website often to keep up to date on what to expect next.

Thanks, Adelle!

Again, thanks so much for having me. I will check in several times today to answer any questions. I might even surprise a couple of readers with a surprise gift just for participating.

To celebrate her book release, Adelle is offering a free copy of Iron Horse Rider One to one lucky commenter on today's blog. (please check the blog Monday night to see who won. Chances of winning determined by the number of entries.)

She will be around all day today. I'm sure some of you have questions or comments for her, so please ask away...

Check out author’s website at where you will find BUY links to all of her books. Be sure to sign up for her quarterly newsletter as she’s always giving away something. She also gives away a free signed copy of any new releases she has to one lucky subscriber.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Adelle. A big thanks for jumping in and blogging with us today. Motorcycles fascinate me and scare me at the same time, (bad experience on the back of one in high school that fortunately turned out okay in the end) but I adore any hero with the name Shane. (my son) Have fun today and let me know if you run out of chocolate.

Adelle Laudan said...

Thanks Kim. I have to step out and get some food in this shack of mine. I'll pick up some more chocolate, just in case we get low *wink
Cya in just a little bit.

Estella said...

Your series sounds interesting.
What was your first motorcycle?

Adelle Laudan said...

Hi Estella
I've never ridden a bike of my own. My first ride was on the fender of a FLH Harley I think it was a '77.
I've been on many more since then. Hoping one day I will have the money to buy myself a trike. At least, that's my dream. Thanks for stopping by.

Tina LaVon said...

Thanks for dropping by MCTT.
I loved your line about the Harley Davidson underwear. Too funny!

Carolyn Matkowsky said...


Very interesting interview. I'm not into bikes, but your story sounds fascinating and one I'd read. I'm amazed at your imgination. Your background is interesting too. Good luck with the story.

Adelle Laudan said...

Thanks for stopping by Tina & Carolyn I had a ton of fun writing this series and have already been playing out the next book in my mind.
Good luck in the draw everyone.

Linda Andrews said...

I almost choked on my soda when I read that Harley Davidson line. I also love doing research. Was there anything you discovered about the Micmacs that you just had to incorporate into the series?

Adelle Laudan said...

Hi Linda
I'd be here all day if I made a list of everything. I tried to honor the Micmac ways as accurately as possible, from what they ate, to their beliefs in many areas.
Thanks for being here.
Good luck in the draw.