Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I Learned From My Dad

First, let me say
This is a day to remember
the man who gave us life,
probably raised us,
and definately made an impact.
My father gave me his
writing genes
and for that I will be
forever grateful.
Like so many other people I know,
I recently lost my dad.
He died last month due to complications
resulting from lung cancer.
Yes, he smoked for way too many years.
At times I get angry because he was
only in his mid-sixties and was taken
way to soon. So...
ONE - I learned from my father to take better
care of my health. I have my own daughter
and want to be around for her.
I took some time off from my diet after
my dad's death, but that is changing. Luckily,
I didn't gain weight. I also started walking this year
with friends. We are all feeling better.
TWO - I learned to tell the people who made an impact
on my life what they mean to me before it's too late.
In some cases, that may be easier said than done.
I will have to gather the courage to contact at least
one person from my past, but I will.
THREE - I learned to accept people for who they are.
My father lived his life his
way, whether you liked it or not -
whether I liked it or not.
I often referred to him as a modern day hermit.
I decided many years ago to accept him for who he was.
When I was young, I didn't accept people into my life
who had views or personalities
which were much different from my own.
Once I learned to accept them for who they are,
I found these people added to my life in
wonderful ways.
Some are huggers - nurturers -
who recharge your batteries
and make you smile when you see them.
Some have skills they are more than willing to share.
Some have knowledge which has opened a world of
possbility and led to interesting experiences.
Writers are unique individuals. Some of them are
flamboyant and some are more reserved
They are all creative. My life is much
richer for having these friends in my life.
This Father's Day,
I hope you think about
what you have learned from
your own father.
The lessons may good,
or perhaps not so good,
but they are lessons we are meant
to learn and grow from.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Tina. Thanks for sharing. I'm so sorry about your dad. Big hugs to you. I also got my writing gene from my dad, though I chose the fiction route, not the er-dry computer manuals. Have a great day.

Tina LaVon said...

My Dad used to write short stories, but he never submitted them anywhere. My uncles say they were funny. I guess this acorn didn't fall too far from the tree. LOL