Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Howdy to everyone from that big dog park in heaven. It’s been a hectic couple of months for Mom and me. We’ve been on the road promoting Hounding the Pavement in Dallas and
Orlando, meeting friends at book signings and conferences.

Our latest stops were the Malice Domestic conference in DC, and Oakmont, PA, where we took part in a big book signing held by the Mystery Lover’s Bookshop. What a great time. She was the first author to sell out and, since she had books in her car, sold even more. She also made friends with a pack of dog lovers. We’ll be there again next year to say hi and sign more of Hounding the Pavement plus Heir of the Dog.

We went back to DC for Mother’s Day weekend and a signing at the Border’s Express in Springfield, PA. That one was arranged by Jenn Wilson, a fab-u-liscious girl who knows everybody who’s anybody in the writing world. Buckley and Belle were allowed in the store, and let me tell you, those little stinkers attracted a ton of attention.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably been askin’ yourself how I fit in because I’m not livin’ on earth anymore, right. The answer’s simple. I’m with Mom wherever she goes. I’m in her head and her heart all day, every day. I sit with her while she writes her stories and curl up next to her when she goes to sleep at night. I’ll never leave her because I am, after all, the star of these books.

Oh, and one more thing. American Idol is over and Kris won. I’m happy about that, but I’d be a lot happier if it had been Danny. That Adam guy creeped me out with that guyliner and black nail polish. Reminded me too much of Bibi from Hounding the Pavement. Goth girl was a psycho.

Thanks for readin’, but I got to go. I’m hookin’ up with a cute little Papillon for a night of chasing ball, but I’ll be back in a couple more weeks with another report.

Star of the written word and soon to be on television (paws crossed)

The Rudster

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