Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rudy's Blog 3

RT Orlando 2009

Hello from Orlando, this year’s home of the Romantic Times Convention. I’ve been following Mom from place to place to make sure she’s okay. We took care of her two day Aspiring Author class, and her 30 students were great. They soaked up everything she said, just like Sponge Bob after a long dry spell. Her speakers were great too. Linnea Sinclair, Stacey Kade, Karen Kendall, Nancy Cohen, Allison Chase, Susan Yarina, Kathy Love, Debra Parmley, and Aleka Nakis did a bow-wow-licious job. I’d advise any dog to stop by their house and make them your friend.

Mom also spoke on a panel about writing humor in paranormal books, which I don’t get. I mean, what’s paranormal about angels, aliens, and goddesses? Or talking dogs? ALL us canines talk, it’s you humans who don’t listen.

She’s also done a couple of book signings in the past month. The last one was in Dallas and it was as big as a Buster Bone. She sold every book Georgette, the B&N bookseller, ordered, plus a few more they brought in from another store.

So far, I think the best part of the convention was Maureen and Jane, two of her students from last year. They brought the newbies spiffy bags filled with goodies they called ‘Judi Survival Kits’. It was such a surprise, Mom started to cry, especially when she saw the buttons with my picture on them. The other ‘best’ thing was a Starbuck’s travel mug with MY book cover decorating the side.

Okay, I gotta run. Mom’s crying as she types this because she still misses me bad. Just check out her website soon, because she’s putting up a section called Puppy Pages. If you send her a picture of your special four-legged friend (please NO cats) she’ll post the picture and write a caption.

Sounds good, don’t it.

Gotta run. The last dinner bell sounded and I’ve got a date with a cute little peekapoo for dessert.

The Rudster

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