Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Sage Publishing is Having a Huge Sale!

I wanted everyone to know that Red Sage Publishing is having a fantastic sale for their ebooks for May and June. My own book, Addiction, under my pen name of Lynne Logan is also on sale.

From Red Sage:

Over the years, Red Sage fans have developed strong preferences for certain story types. A woman in danger. A strong man who could be friend or foe. A silken mask, an erotic game, a secret club. Any of these things can lend an extra shiver of excitement to the exploration of romantic trust in a super-sexual world.

Sometimes, we come across a story that manages to blend all these deliciously naughty elements into one dazzling story. Imagine a woman risking everything to rescue her sister from a sex club, and the man who is secretly investigating the place. Lynne Logan's explosive tale of menage and suspense reminds us why readers love these details so much.
They're not just entertaining. They're addictive.

On sale June 11-20 for just $1.50!
Lynne Logan aka Carol Webb


Tina LaVon said...

What a cover!!!

Tia Dani said...

Thanks for letting us know about the sale, Lynne. Just in time for some summer reading. Your book was great read. Now I'm addicted to your writing and am waiting for the next one.