Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going to Nationals? Voice

Ever look up voice in a craft book? Most of the ones I checked did not include this concept. The reason? It is one of those elusive subjects that is difficult to define. If you ask a dozen people what voice is, you'll probably get 12 different answers. I believe voice includes everything you bring to a book: your word choice, beliefs, choice of subject matter, etc. It is the total sum of your writing. Some authors have a voice which stands out, like Dr. Seuss. You know a Dr. Seuss book because it rhymes and it usually includes silly, made-up words.

I didn't find my voice until after I gave up my fear and let myself come out in my story. My friend's mother, who was about 70, read my first scene of my current WIP and said, "This sounds like Tina giving that speech in college." That was when I knew I found my voice. Some people find their voice right away and then learn the mechanics of writing. I was one of those people who learn the mechanics of writing and then allowed my voice to come out.

The best workshop I have heard on voice was a practice for Nationals given by Laurie Schnebly Campbell. If you are going to RWA Nationals this summer, it would be worth your time to attend this workshop on Friday at 3:15-4:15.

Laurie is always worth listening to. If your writing group needs a speaker, I suggest you check out her website at

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Alexis Walker said...

I would so love to attend this, but I have to pick up Debra Dixon at the airport. My newest manuscript (a contemporary fantasy)has my voice, but I have found it difficult in my historicals. The limitations of the time period made it hard for me to come through. Still working on that one :-)